the fair & update


I hope you've all had a great week! Ours has been pretty busy. B is in the thick of his toughest rotation yet in the ICU. He's working six days a week, and every five days he does a 28 hour shift. Their shifts in this rotation used to be called night float shifts where they are gone about 13 hours overnights. Now they're called the worst shift on earth. I'm only half kidding! However, they recently switched over to this system to evaluate certain outcomes. But I'll tell you right off the bat- it is certainly NOT a good change. But we're pushing through it all as a family, and making the best of the time we have together. I've also been documenting, and ranting on my Snap Chat (Mommy in Milwaukee) if you ever care to join hehe!

When Ben had off this week we had to go to the fair! It was exactly what we needed to have some fun, lots of food, and keep the tradition as a familia. 

I always get queasy looking at these things! I am sooo afraid of heights!

And Cristian literally slept the entire time in My Wild Bird sling ! I talk more about this sling and babywearing on my newest You Tube that you can check out here

And we ate...

And ate...

But one of the highlights was walking through the cream puff building, and seeing how they make these babies! Gabriel was in cream puff heaven.

I have to say that if you have little's like us the best time to go to the fair is in the morning! You avoid most crowds, everything is clean, and you get the light of day. Also, they will be so partied out they'll nap great for you in the afternoon.

Wishing you a great weekend, and I hope you get some time with familia!