Stop saying, "It could be worse!"

I've recently noticed my momma friends including myself use the phrase, "Well, it could be worse!"  a lot. This usually follows the story of our struggle, and something really crappy we're dealing with. "Sure my kid has been sick for the past month, but it could be worse." "Well, my husband has been working the past 9 days, clocking in 90 hours a week, and we haven't seen him in who knows how long, but it could be worse!" Or, "I've been puking my guts out for the first 5 months of pregnancy, and am only a shadow of what I used to be... but it could be worse!" 

I get the sense that we're worried we're going to offend someone in the universe. Or worse, that something even more terrible might happen, because we're complaining! Heaven forbid that we complain when we really should be only thankful for all the crap we're dealing with! I mean that is the only logical thing to do, right? Here's the deal: There will always be someone with a bigger battle scar than you. Someone who, unfortunately, is dealing with more difficult circumstances. BUT here's the crux: That doesn't take away from your struggle. Your struggle is real. And your challenge is just as valid as everyone else's.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Well, it's also the thief of your reality. Comparing your struggle to someone else's is not going to lessen your burden. Your struggle is something that's affecting your life, and whether or not it might seem like a huge problem in the scale of awful problems in the world, it is still your problem. You are dealing with it, and it's not making you feel any better by saying things could always be worse. We need to stop it! Your struggle is valid. Your problem is real, it's crappy, and it sucks!

AND that is as REAL as it gets!

Oh, and it'll get better. And we'll look back, and wonder how'd we do it?! But we will, even through the worst of it!