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I hope your weekend was awesome! Ours was pretty sleepless, womp womp. However, we were able to visit B at work, and it was so great to break-up the long weekend. I am very much looking forward to Wednesday when B has off, and we can spend some much needed time together!

I've got an exciting announcement today! I'm back on the old Facebook, and announced yesterday on my Facebook Page  (which I would love to connect with you there too!) that I will be a contributor on the Milwaukee Moms blog that is launching in less than a month! This is going to be an amazing resource for local moms. Not only will we have locally-based posts (as well as all things motherhood), but we'll be hosting lots of fun events for momma's, and littles! I cannot say enough how excited. and honored I am to be a part of the launching contributor group of mom's. This will not be affecting my blog over here! As I will still be blogging, and sharing through my other social media accounts. I hope you hop over to our Milwaukee Mom's Facebook page as well, and stay connected! 

From left to right

1. Those of you that follow my Instagram know that I had a really terrifying experience last week when Cristian choked on one of Gabriel's goldfish crackers. I shared this below their picture: 

" I'm literally shaking as I share this, because it was such a scary experience. I usually have the boys play in the living room while I peek in, and out to make dinner. Our place is an open-concept layout, and I can see them from our kitchen. Suddenly I look, and something seems wrong with Cristian, he looks like he's gasping for air! I run down, and grab him! He is choking on something, and I have no idea what. I start performing the heimlich maneuver for babies, and after a few blows he vomits, and out comes one of Gabriel's goldfish. I am currently running through things I could have done differently. But one thing I WOULD not change is knowing how to perform CPR and the heimlich! Two very simple things to learn as mothers, and it just saved my baby's life. I'm sharing as a reminder- if you don't already know these basic life saving techniques please look them up! There are YouTubes, charts, posts so many resources. I am so so thankful he is okay, safe and well!" 

So here are some resources for you momma's! 

2-3. I've been living in my Lily Jade baby bag! Each one of these designer baby bags have a removable insert that can be cleaned, and it has 20 pockets! It can also be changed into a satchel, shoulder, and backpack. Right now I love using it as a back-pack because it is so much easier to use while I baby-wear. I have never owned such a well-crafted handbag. I just love it! As a Lily Jade ambassador, I will be sharing a style post soon. In the meantime, I have a few already on my Instagram .

4. This Loft Girl jump suit is such a cute addition to my wardrobe, not to mention that it is nursing-friendly, and now on sale! So pretty much a win!

Wishing you a great rest of your week!


  1. That bag. Seriously. So great!

    I love that it can switch from back pack to satchel.

    Hope this week is full of sleepful nights!!

    1. it is seriously the best bag ever! Thanks so much- here's to hoping!