forever a mother

Ode to my stretch marks

I used to think you were unsightly, and hated to admit you were there. I tried so hard to hide you, and wish that deep down I didn't care. 

But I did because some where along the line I was told that you aren't normal. That now my body was damaged, and I had these scars to blame. 

And that was the message I held on to as my belly grew, and grew. 

I thought I'd never come to terms, because that hateful message continued. But today when I looked in the mirror, I forced myself to make peace.

Because I realized that these marks are what make me, me

I'll forever be a mother. 

So thank you stretch marks for reminding me what my body did to hold these two! That it stretched enough to help them grow, stay safe, and thrive within my womb.

~ Written while the boys napped