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I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Ours has been pretty sleepless, but no surprise there am I right?! Although I do think that after Cristian's top three teeth come through we all will be feeling some relief. Can you believe he is getting three teeth in at the same time?! Poor little guy! I do have high hopes that they'll come through soon since I can see them cutting through his gum tissue. And yes it looks as painful as it sounds! 
Here's this weeks round-up of my fave links and things! I've posted quite a few shirt dresses on my Instagram that I've been rotating lately. I am living in them because they are such an easy outfit to put together, and are so nursing friendly. What I love even more about them is that I look effortlessly put together and that's a win in my book! I also posted our tidy living room, because this weekend B was home and we split up the boys which meant I had a ton of time to deep clean our place. And it felt so good! I got a lot of questions on our gallery wall, and I can't take credit for the design because I followed a step-by-step tutorial online! Everything is linked below.

from left to right

1. I posted about this Maybelline red coral matte lipstick and it's seriously perfect, creamy and not a dry matte- I love it!

2. This chambray shirt dress is so comfy, this diaper clutch set (wipe pouch changing pad and room for diapers) is everything I need to keep things organized when I go out with the boys, and these kicks are super cute and inexpensive alternative to chucks!

3. I've been using this Wild Bird ring-sling a lot lately! Stay-tuned for a Baby-wearing YouTube I'm working on :)

4. Okay, this is the tutorial I followed for our gallery wall. I followed everything even down to ordering our prints at Costco! Why re-invent the wheel right?!

5. I've been using this clarifying shampoo lately, and love how squeaky clean my curls get. It's a great switch up to my hair routine. 

6. This white shirt dress is no longer available at Gap, but here's a similar one at Asos

7. This Olive shirt dress is so good! It's available in store at Target, but here's a sleeveless one online.

8. I'm going crazy over organic goji berries, and adding them to just about everything especially smoothies!

10. I'm still loving my Motherhood is my muse tee, and now you can use my discount code B119 for 20% off your first order at Blanqi!

Have a great rest of your week!