Memorial day 2015

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day! We traveled up North to be with family and it was so refreshing to be with them (even if just for a few hours). My in laws live in what I call the average smallish Wisconsin town. And by that I mean, it's full of tons of charm, beautiful views and about 30  thousand people. 

Road trips have become easier for us now that Gabriel is front-facing and we've realized that a combination of games, snacks and songs really make it go by faster! Also, is Cristian the only 6-month old that rips of his shoes and socks?! Seriously as soon as we get in the car he starts chewing and ripping them off. He is such a hot bebe! 

The boys are too small right now for us to explain the meaning of Memorial Day but all the way up we listened to stories of Veterans and discussed them with my husband. We are so thankful for our freedom because of their sacrifice. Gabriel and Cristian were busy napping by this point but I got my fill of the beautiful sky's and farms on the way up!

Since they live further up north their crab apple trees are still in bloom and of course I could not miss the opportunity of a photo shoot! You all know how much I love sharing pics of them on Instagram, hehe!

Also, it's almost impossible to get a family picture these days without Gabriel becoming a little squirming worm! This is as good as it gets:
Cristian, however, is still in the in the highly controllable stage and he's as happy a camper as I've ever seen even through teething! So these happened and you guys, those dimples!

We also ate tons of yummy food but in between the both of us chasing after Gabriel and eating as fast as we could I didn't snap a pic of the beautiful spread. But trust- it was yummy! Gabriel also found an old tricycle that was given to my mother-in-law and he started pedaling right away. It is crazy to me that he is now able to pedal a bike! You guys, it was like yesterday that I would lay him on my chest to nap for hours at a time!

I used to dread going on road trips because I was so worried about Gabriel crying the whole way and me not able to nurse him on time. But the older I get (and the older they get) I realize that babies and toddlers will cry regardless of what I have to say about it. Some trips go by like a breeze and others not so much but every time we arrive the joy on every one's faces outweigh any kind of tough drive up. Plus the memories we make are priceless. Wishing you all a great rest of your week!

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