I'm back!

Hey, guys! To be perfectly honest with all of you that blogging break was a lot longer than I initially intended. I'm not sure where to begin since so much has happened these past few months but I guess the best place to start would be right where I left off in March...

Match Day! It was just as exciting and crazy as we'd expected. I was so nervous leading up to the big day that I posted this picture on IG and I confessed that I was binging on Nutella to take the edge off.

What I did not share on Instagram was that we had all of our fingers (and toes) crossed that we'd stay right here in Milwaukee and that my husband ranked it as his number one choice. When his name was called that day (they had this lottery-type raffle and each student's named was chosen at random with an envelope with match day results) I was so excited and holding back tears! Once he did open it,we found out that he had matched here and the flood gates opened. We were ecstatic! 

After Match day I was thinking, okay things are going to settle down a bit... but they didn't. We started house hunting full-throttle because at the time we were thinking that we needed a bigger place to grow into. You know just in case we add another little one or four to the mix. We are currently in our two-bedroom apartment and in terms of space we have quite a bit of it. Of course, I am writing this in hindsight and how it's 20/20 right now. But we were on the post Match high and we were going to find a place before our lease was up in May! I'll keep this part short, it's totally a seller's market right now. We put an offer in on a first house above the listing price. After the inspection there were way too many things that would have to be fixed (in order to get it to the level of what we had already offered) and we walked away. I was heartbroken, because guys it had a white kitchen! 

 We moved on and after a few weeks we found what we thought was the one. Again we put an offer in and then last minute another buyer put in a bid and yet again we were offering way above list price. This time we (mostly me darn Pinterest) were so excited and on this huge buyers high. After the inspection (and a few days) we had some irreconcilable concerns with the home and location. That's when, for a second time, we walked away. However, this time not only did we pay for the inspection but also all of the fees that come with walking away from a home later on in the buying process. Needless to say it was not fun! And I was heartbroken again. But at this point I had to do some major soul searching about what I wanted vs. what we needed.
 After a couple of days I realized that we did not need to move quite yet. We know that we are staying here for the rest of my husband's Anesthesia training and there is a lot of time to find the right place for our growing family. We decided to renew our lease for another year and call it a day! Now I'm finally taking care of some stuff I've been meaning to complete in quite some time. I've realized that there is no use in waiting for tomorrow what I can most definitely do today (more about that later). I've been working on the boys shared room, a gallery wall/prints and a few other projects to add more useful space. It feels so good to finally organize and get things taken care of!

Also, during my break this little guy turned TWO!

 I know, he looks huge! I have so much to say about our growing Gabriel but I'll be leaving that to his monthly letter (remember the ones that I used to write?!). Until then I will say that he is such a curious, kind, funny, tidy and overall joy to have in our lives! 

We also have been taking quite a few road trips to visit family while my husband is on 'vacation.'

They have been fun but in the beginning of June we are taking an actual v a c a t i o n with just the four of us and I cannot wait!

You may have also noticed that I had the ole blog redesigned! I wanted a more modern and easily navigable blog and I hope you guys like it! I'm really digging it! I've also had some time to think about what direction I'd like to head with my little blog. And I'm looking forward to getting back to doing what I love. Which is write and share more about what motherhood is to me. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of details but I'm going to wrap up this post with some pictures of B's graduation! I am so incredibly proud of him. He has worked so hard and it was reflected on the days leading to graduation and graduation day itself. Although he has 4 more years of anesthesia training and possibly a fifth of fellowship, he is now a Dr./MD and that means no more school for him! Now on to the next chapter, and as someone commented on my IG- the really fun part!

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