jams review!

Hey, guys! I hope your week has been great. It's Friday eve and I'm doing the happy dance over here! I'm excited to have mi amor home this weekend and get the Valentine's Day festivities started. :) Speaking of festivities my nails are now V-day ready! I was so excited when my momma friend, Chel's from That's so Chelish asked me to try out and review her Jamberry Nails! I'll keep this review short and sweet. These things are great.

The pros: there's no dry time, they lasted, no stinky fumes and they come in all these fun designs!
The con's: you have to heat them with a blow dryer ( I almost threw mine out a few weeks ago!) and it took me a few attempts to try and heat the wraps. But once I did my 4th nail I became a pro!

** Edit- Chelsea just informed me in the comments that Jamberry offers a heater for your wraps! So that solves that con. But it really isn't all horrible just takes some maneuvering😉 thanks Chels!

Do I recommend this product?: Yes, especially for busy momma's. You'll get a cute manicure you can do at home. And because there is no dry time if you end up having to pick up your little (like I did several times during the process) your nails will not get ruined! No more helplessness while your nails dry- woohoo!

Here's Chel's Jamberry link if you'd like to try em out yourself! I think you'll love them! 

You get this fun little kit!

I'm loving this floral design :)

My toes haven't looked this good since before Cristian!

I hope you give them a try and Happy Thursday!


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