big G little C

Yesterday, we had the sweetest little sprinkle shower held for us by some of my momma friends. I was so surprised! And as you could imagine feeling so blessed to have people like that in our lives. At the sprinkle we were given some blank tees and everyone decorated them. I loved that they included a bigger tee for Gabriel! It's always so great to include him with his new little brother. 

These were the tees that I decorated with a friend. And it reminds me of Gabriel's blossoming personality right now. He has taken the big brother role so seriously lately! He is constantly protecting his brother and making sure he is okay. The other day we went to Cristian's two month appointment and while the Dr. was checking him he kept rubbing his baby brother's back as if to comfort him while he was checked. Well then of course in that moment my heart swells and skips a beat. These boys already love each other so much! 

Then other days Gabriel shoves his brother and grabs his hands then I sternly remind him he needs to be gentle... But I know it's just part of the big brother territory. I knew that having these boys so close together would be a lot of work. And a lot of times I feel so exhausted that I just don't know how I can wake up in the morning and do it all over again. Then I look at pictures like this and it's as if Gabriel reminds me that he is so happy he has a baby brother. And that he is is so thankful that now he has a built-in best friend.

I have a lot of hopes for my boys... I hope that they will always be there for each other in every stage of life. And I hope and pray that their friendship will strengthen their lives in every single way.

I love you baby boys. Your love for each other gives me hope and reminds me of why I am beyond lucky to be your momma.

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