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I took these pics on Sunday and I can't believe that seven and half weeks have gone by since Cristian was born! It's crazy. I mean he was just born and I was holding him in the hospital room for the first time. I thought it went by fast with Gabriel but it definitely feels as if it's gone by faster with Cristian.

We're back to our old schedule now that the Holidays are over. And my husband is back to the grind as well. We miss him but we are also getting the hang of things and I'm making up things as I go (as always). Most days I'm in my pj's running around with Gabriel, toys all over the place, cuddling Cristian when he's awake and losing my coffee all morning.

Since it's officially winter now with the negative temps I have to be very picky when I go out especially for the boys and because Cristian is so teeny tiny yet! The timing of everything is the biggest challenge though. I have to plan way ahead of time before heading out. It was some what like that with Gabriel but add winter in the mix and a newborn and you've got yourself a recipe for at least 3 hours of prep before heading out- at least for me anyway.

Yesterday I went out for the first time alone to my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group at our church. Although I was dripping in sweat by the time I made it to pack the boys in the car, I felt so accomplished once we were all in! I mean it's a BIG deal, haha! Even though it is quite the production for now it was so worth it.

I know it will get easier for me to go out with the boys as time goes on... or maybe not we'll see! But for now I'm enjoying both the moments that we go out and also those days when we are looking like a mess until Papi comes home because they all go by way too fast!

I hope you're having a great week :)


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