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As you may or may not know I am breastfeeding again which means it's become so important for me to find fashionable, comfortable and nursing friendly clothes! I never thought that my biggest problem with nursing Gabriel would be finding clothes to wear (although I count my blessings that was our only issue). Let me tell you I spent those first 8 months wearing practically the same chambray top and a nursing tank. And Gabriel could never dream of drinking my pumped milk because he flat out refused it. I gave up the good fight trying and ended up exclusively breastfeeding for 14 months. So maybe we had more than one issue... I felt so frumpy and it was around the same time that I started this blog. Which reminds me I forgot to celebrate my 1 year anniversary last November- I think something major happened because I completely spaced it ;) Sorry for the tangent... But almost a year later and after navigating the world of a first time mom/breastfeeder I started finding clothes that worked. 

More recently during my pregnancy with Cristian and as I started my Instagram for the blog I happened to find Shop Buru  and my mind was blown! Here was this completely fabulous and chic website dedicated to hand-picking designer clothes for nursing momma's and beyond. Pretty cool right?! The owner Morgan is also a nursing momma and was inspired for the same reason. She also writes really inspiring posts on her site, I love this one about New Year resolutions and dreams. 

Well this is a rather long post so I'll just go ahead and jump to the fashion! I picked a couple of items from the site that were on major sale. This gorgeous cropped sweater has a zipper on the side that is perfect for easy access to the ladies- genius right?! To all of my nursing momma reader's I hope you hop on over to the site I am sure you'll find something fabulous and even if you aren't breastfeeding there is something for every stage of motherhood. I know I'll definitely be back for more!

Happy Wednesday!

Cropped Sweater | Shop Buru | High-waist Black Jeans | Target (oh so comfy!) |Vintage Tiffany Atlas necklace via | Gold West Vintage

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