my boys

I had a lot of worries before becoming a mommy of two. I was worried about the timing of everything and whether or not I'd have time to do everything on my list for the day. It's funny to think back on it now because I guess you never really know what to expect until you're experiencing it first-hand.

Gabriel is so in love with his baby brother. He hugs and kisses him all the time. And the other day he leaned over to grab his little hand and gave him a kiss just oh so gently while whispering some gibberish. And my heart melted into a puddle. He is just so sweet to him. Then he has moments where he gets so excited and starts to run around and suddenly he slaps his brother in the belly! Then Cristian starts crying and I have to reassure both that everything will be okay. And Gabriel that he has to be gentle and not hurt his brother. Then he'll go over and give him a big wet kiss all over again.

Cristian is such a mellow little guy so far. He is content laying on my lap or on a cozy blankie and we'll look at each other while he coos and smiles. His smiles make my heart swell up and I can't stop smiling when he starts. I find myself throughout the day not worried about my to-do list any more.

We'll sit in the living room while Cristian naps and Gabriel runs around wildly and I chase after with his Tonka truck. Or we'll dance to Mark Anthony and he'll say "mas! mas!" We'll laugh and they'll sometimes synchronize their cries and I'll try to calm them down or we'll just cuddle all together. Then I'll close my eyes and say a little prayer and ask that I don't mess up with these two.. my boys. They fill my life with so much joy.

I just hope now (with all of my heart) that I have more moments like these where they're little and carefee and my hugs are what make everything better.

I pray for more time like this because I know it will not last forever.