DIY floral arrangement

 I am definitely not a huge crafter. I dabble from time to time in sewing like this dress I made when I was pregnant with Cristian last summer. And once upon a time I painted but now a days I keep it simple and pick DIY projects that are extra easy! 
Enter this super cute yet easy flower arrangement I put together for a sweet family members baby shower. Fake flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers especially during the winter months when there are slim pickings. But also when you have a lot to arrange and would like to make them ahead of time. I picked all of these up at Michaels (that place is addictive!). I have about 9 more to make so I'm making one every day. I should be done by the day of! ;) I also love that they travel and require no water!
I hope this DIY is helpful for you and don't forget to have fun- it doesn't have to be perfect:)

Items you will need:

 You will need an arrangement of flowers to get that full look that are perfect for centerpieces. I picked this arrangement but you can pick out any color/type that you like. Just remember that in order to get the look pictured you need similar flowers, especially in height. The most important flower is the one you will use as the center (#3) to anchor and build your centerpiece. 

You'll need mason jars and a needle nose pliers to trim the flowers down. I picked up these mason jars at Menards- you really get more for your money there.

You'll need spray paint for the mason jars. I love the look of flat paint and this gives that perfect flat look and you do not need an added coat of paint. I picked these up at Menards.

You'll need pipe cleaners trimmed down into smaller pieces

To make:

Once you have all of your tools trim down the bigger filler flower branches. I like to remember the number three while making centerpieces. Because I am building the centerpiece using an additional three "filler" flower from each branch I trimmed down. The below set of flowers is all you will need to make the centerpiece pictured. I like to lay them all out before making the centerpiece. It helps keep things organized and if you will be making more you can separate each centerpiece a lot easier!

To begin grab your center flower and wrap three filler flowers around with a pipe cleaner. I like to use green pipe cleaners at the top so that they blend in with the branches.

You should get something that looks like this:

Once you have that central piece add a filler branch by using another pipe cleaner. Remember you are building the arrangement from top to bottom. I love the look of these because they give the extra height and add some texture.

Now add another three filler flowers. The reason I use three is because you are pretty much guaranteed a full looking centerpiece from every angle.

Finally add your final filler flowers in sets of three.

You should end up with something that looks like this. If you don't, play around with the arrangement. The filler flowers can add the added depth that you will need. If you think it is looking a bit skimpy add more filler flowers or another branch.

 Place your flowers into your already painted mason jar and you are all done! Easy right?! Let me know below if you have any questions below! And don't forget to follow us on IG and bloglovin link on side bar :)


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