Pregnancy Update!

 *Be forewarned I am open and candid about my pregnancy:)

A week ago I had a huge scare. I had significant vaginal bleeding, and as you can imagine I freaked out! I immediately paged my husband, and told him what was happening. He told me to call my OB right away ( I was already dialing at that point!). Honey bun made it home within 15 minutes and we headed straight to her office. At this point, I was running through all the possibilities. And I was really worried, but just wanted to know that our baby was okay.

Once we got to the clinic, I was seen right away and my OB had the ultrasound machine set-up. I was so frazzled, and really had no clue what might be happening. If you've read Gabriel's birth story, my entire pregnancy was very uneventful with him, thankfully. Up to my natural med-free birth. As I laid there I couldn't help but think about that, and I just wanted to see our baby on the screen! I was gelled up and after a few movements I was able to see our little one. The good news was that baby was super active and moving around! I can already tell, this one has lots of energy too! I was so excited to see all the movement, and hopefully receive more  good news that all was well in there. 

My OB immediately calmed my fears and told me that our baby looks great. Baby was about 10 oz and growing steady (little chunker is measuring ahead already). And she was able to get some great views. But at one point she stopped and told me she knew why I was bleeding. She pointed at my placenta on the screen and told me that is was positioned in the front, and curving under my cervix. This was called a "placenta previa." I heard of the condition before with my amazing sis. It was several years back, but I knew all that she had to endure during her pregnancy. She was put on more than a month of bedrest, and delivered my sweet nephew early at 36 weeks. 

I immediately shared my concerns with my OB and I told her that I had a "feeling" for quite a few weeks that my placenta was in the front. I told honey bun a few times, and he always told me it was pretty rare (and that it was me being kooky with my feelings haha!). However, he admitted then that I was right on haha! I told my OB that from what I know about placenta previa's, one of the worse case scenarios is that I would need an emergency C-Section to deliver. The first thing my OB told me was, "but I don't want to give you a C-Section Keila!" I laughed out loud! I love my OB! She has really gotten to know me and my desires to deliver med-free again.  Another concern with placenta previa's is how far below the placenta is located and where the cord lies. All of these affect the way that baby grows, and whether or not I will deliver earlier than expected. However, she soothed my fears and told me that she really believes it might "lift". Meaning that as baby gets bigger, the placenta will be lifted up, and I could possibly still have a vaginal delivery. 

I'm currently on a few restrictions, no lifting or carrying things (which is hard with our nugget Gabriel!), no strenuous excersize, no hanky panky haha or straining. And if I have another bleeding episode I have to be seen immediately and that could mean bedrest. Ah! As you can imagine, it has been a rather trying past few days. I am used to running around with our little guy, working out and really doing things at a fast pace. Shifting the way I do things has probably been the most difficult. Secondly, not allowing my mind to go down the negativity lane and Dr.Google everything. Many of you guys already know, googleing is the worst idea! I am really thankful I have honey bun to help me on the day-to-day when he comes home. I also have my family that are taking trips down to help me, and have offered to stay with me if I end up on bedrest. I am so thankful for them, I could not ask for a more loving and supporting family. 

My OB was also able to see the sex..... It's.... A..... Will be continued ;) We have a follow-up ultrasound in a couple of days, and I'll let you all know then :) She was pretty sure she got a good look, and so did I! But she wanted us to have a better view with the fancier machine. 

As for now, I am taking everything day by day. Staying positive. Hoping for the absolute best. But above all, finding peace regardless in which way our baby makes their grand appearance. What matters most is that both baby and I are alive and healthy in the end. I am looking forward to our next ultrasound, and I hope we get good views of everything.

Send us your positive thoughts, vibes and prayers- we'll take every single one we can get!



  1. Wow, how scary! Thinking of you and your little nugget and hoping that everything goes smoothly from here on out. Just remember that how the baby gets here is less important than making sure he/she gets here safely!

  2. Thanks so much Chelsea! I keep reminding myself that- it is truly what is most important! And I definitely do not want my selfish desires to cloud my thinking. Xo, Keila

  3. I'm so so glad everything is okay. Will keep you all in our thoughts
    Also, you little sneaker not telling us the sex!!!

  4. Thanks Shaunacey!! And lol! It's so hard to not share!