Milwaukee Zoo

Pointing at e v e r y t h i n g !

It was Gabriel's first visit to the Milwaukee County Zoo this weekend! And he loved every second of it. His favorite exhibition were the monkey's. And we were even able to see the new baby monkey that was born there. Although we missed Papi (internal medicine rotation is a beast!) we still had fun walking around and oohhing and ahhing over all of the animals! We were even able to meet up with a friend, who has a baby boy around Gabriel's age. It's always so nice to catch up with a fellow momma!

A word of advice, weekends are so crowded! If you can go during the week, I'd say go for it. It wasn't too hard to navigate around the people, but sometimes it took a while longer to get a good view because of the crowds. Otherwise, we love this place and can't wait to go back with honey bun :)

baby monkey!

sweet friends xo

random nice person took a pic of us

The Giraffes were my faves! So amazing!

Have a great week loves! 



  1. we did the zoo this weekend too!!
    Also, how freaking cute are you in your outfit?? Hot momma!

    1. So fun!! I hope you post pics on your blog :) And thanks so much! I usually never wear hats because of my curls but I went on a limb and bought this one and liked it but it took some h
      Getting used to lol!

  2. We love going to the zoo. We bought a season pass this summer because we plan on going a lot - we've been 3 times already!

    1. That's awsome Chelsea! We've debated about getting the pass but it seems so worth while now that he can enjoy the sights!