Hola- my lovely mommy and non-mommy friends!

I am so excited to announce my very first giveaway! I am giving away ::drum roll please::  

{A fab infinity scarf that converts into a nursing cover!} 

And just so you don't think I am only loving on my nursing mommy friends- this scarf can be worn as an infinity scarf as well and no one will know the difference- it is that seamless! ;)

If you're anything like me-- I end up nursing in public often. However, most nursing covers are uncomfy and annoying. Plus- when you have a screaming baby that is having a mini baby panic attack because mommies milk isn't coming fast enough- busting out that nursing cover cannot come fast enough. With this scarf, you already have it on and that usually cuts the time in half :)

Please check out the picture below for official giveaway guidelines! If you do not have Twitter or Instagram- no worries- just comment on this post and you will be entered!

Suerte y Abrazos!


FINE PRINT: Giveaway scarf color may vary depending on availability. Shipping only within the U.S. And Puerto Rico. Also- these scarves are available for purchase from the fabulous designers at Oasis Painting and Decorating for $25 plus shipping and handling. Contact me at for more information and PayPal details!