Dear Santa....

I've been reading some pretty awesome letters to Santa from babies and it got me thinking...I'd like to ask Santa for a few things myself!

Dear Santa, 

Please give me the following things: 


I remember what it was like to sleep in until 8 am... Le sigh. Now waking up with a hangover headache is something that happens even without wine consumption! 8 sweet, uninterrupted and glorious hours of sleep is all I want for Christmas! {If you can only grant me one of these pretty please choose this one!}

 Blow-Out proof Diapers!

Baby boy is eating solids now... And you know how ish gets REAL after solids! Please make this happen. Also as an addendum- could you help him stop wiggling all over the place when he gets a dipey change because cleaning poo in places other than his bottom is getting rough!

A bottle, sippy cup, cup.....Anything baby boy can actually drink out of!

Don't get me wrong I am so happy that he is able to nurse. But I think in the process of having him nurse he learned to hate bottles and only drink out of dos boobies

An effective chew toy! 

Yes- I'm looking at you Sophie! These things aren't cheap Santa. AND for some reason everything he does decide to chew on is unsafe, dirty and out of reach! You have to admire his determination though! 

A carseat that puts him to sleep !

I like taking my little man out and about but he hates this thing. I think deep down he can't handle being contained  (true libertarian) but momma can't entertain him effectively while driving... Last time I tried clapping and singing I got quite a few flipping of the birds!

AND finally..... Please help me appreciate all of these things even if they continue to happen :)