cozy winter knits

The other day I was flipping through one of my fashion mags and saw this red knitted Isabel Marant beauty and quickly imagined myself cuddling on the couch with Ben and our little man, while wearing it (yes I imagine these things). But then reality set in and a $655 sweater (6 months worth of diapers, 400 pouches of organic baby food) isn't exactly in our monthly discretionary fund budget. But the image was so real and vivid that I had to find the less-expensive counterpart :)

Behold my findings: a very similar gorgeously knit cozy red sweater from Dorothy Perkins (they deliver to the U.S.!) Now that price is much more doable and we still have enough for dipes and baby food...winning!

Some daydreams are just meant to be!

              Isabel Marant beauty                                                     Dorothy Perkins cutie