sleepless nights

So while our little guy sleeps-- I can sneak away and share a little bit of what's been on my mind these past few days. We've caught some sort of bug and mornings have been rough. Luckily, our little guy sleeps through the night and I can get some much needed rest ... just kidding! 

He isn't sleeping through the night yet but it is okay with me. I admit at first it was very hard to wake up and reach over to nurse Gabriel several times a night-- depending on whether or not he is going through a huge growth spurt. 

Now that he sleeps in his crib, it's a little harder to get up to his room and nurse him there. Especially since I end up bumping, my elbows, knees and toes as I sluggishly get up and go into his room. I'll try so hard to maintain a level of sleepiness in order to get back to sleep right away before his next wake-up.

Last night as I woke up for the third time to nurse him-- I found myself feeling utterly exhausted as I tried to stifle another cough in hopes to not scare him while I nursed. Then I noticed Gabriel was having a hard time breathing. He was so stuffed up that it sounded as if he were wheezing. Poor little guy is still too small to be able to blow out the boogies and or wipe his nose. He needs me or Papi to spray that saline and help him breathe. 

It was then that I was reminded of the fragility and complete dependence Gabriel has on both his daddy and myself. He literally could not survive without our care. After I sprayed his nose and wiped it cleaned, he was breathing better and slowly went to sleep. As I held him, with his little finger wrapped around mine, I kissed his forehead and placed him back in his crib.

Soon he won't need me to saline his nose or wipe it clean and I can already see him telling me to stop kissing him! So I know I can endure more bumps and bruises because at this stage in his life- he needs me and he isn't afraid to let me know!

Have a Happy weekend :)



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