e is for etiquette

I'm sure I am not the only one that's experienced a socially awkward moment-- where someone goes in for a hug and you go in for a kiss on the cheek! Or when you're faced with 2 sets of forks and two sets of knives- and are feeling a bit what the what?! At least I hope not! Although extremely funny there are books on the proper way to introduce yourself and which utensils come first.

from my very vintage etiquette book
Gold standard: classic etiquette book by Emily Post (now written by her grandkids)
I remember my very first etiquette class I took when I was 15. I went to a very small home school co-op and we all took this elective. I even have the very vintage book that I glance at from time to time. Even now it proves to be very useful because I always forget how to set a plate setting properly! However, it is very much outdated.

These days with all of the social networking, over-sharing and more casual settings-- we tend to forget very basic etiquette standards. Getting a good book to help along the way is the perfect way to get some rules on how to act (or react!) in certain social situations. 

    Especially with all of the holiday parties coming up...

So I wanted to find a newer book on etiquette and found "Modern Manners- Tools to Take You to the Top", this has become my new go-to book when it comes to all things proper. It has all sorts of useful tips ranging from social media to more traditional topics. And how awesome is that it's written by Liv Tyler and her grandmother?!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and avoid any faux pas this holiday season ;)


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