7 months

Dear Gabrielito,
Today you're 7 months old! These months have gone by so fast and I can hardly believe it. This past month you had so many major milestones met and it's both exciting and a reminder of how fast time flies.
When you stopped army-crawling and began crawling like a big boy I started crying because it was so neat to see the changes. I want you to thrive and grow and being able to experience it first hand with you has been so awesome. It's amazing to see you learn and explore as well. You learned to give us kisses when I say "beso" and it is so sweet when you try to kiss our nose but end up drooling all over!
Now you pull yourself up and walk around furniture. You've given me a few major scares but thankfully you have only had a few bumps. You can pick up food and feed yourself as well and answer to your name. We started teaching you sign when you were around 4 months and now you started to sign "more" when you want more food. You started saying things like "caca" (which may or may not be how we say poo) "papa" and it sounds like you are saying "momma" when you cry. I know you probably do not know what you're saying yet but it makes both of us so proud to hear you say it!

You melt my heart when you act silly and laugh when Papi makes a funny face. These 7 months have been such a huge learning experience for us as parents and we can't wait to celebrate many more months with you!
Happy 7 months sweet baby boy!

Abrazos y besitos,


  1. Such a sweet letter! My favorite photo is the close up of Gabriel's eyes. Adorable :)

  2. wow, he is growing so much! i really love your blog, you are such a great writer :)

    1. Thank you Tara for the kind words! :) and taking the time to read!